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Celebrating Legacy,
Fostering Connections

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The Alpha Theta Alumni Association is a platform dedicated to fostering meaningful connections among sorority sisters spanning generations and diverse career paths, all united by the unique and cherished bond of being sisters of ATA.

Alpha theta alpha 

Alpha theta alpha 

The women of Alpha Theta Alpha Alumni Association are strong and accomplished, reflective of our La Salle education and ethos of service and compassion towards others. The organization continues ATA's tradition of combining fun social events with active philanthropy, while also being a source of support and guidance for current sorority sisters. Explore our website to learn more about us, and sign up today to become a member!


Susan  Altamore  Carusi

Sitting ATAAA President



By joining our empowering network, you are gaining exclusive access to:

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Networking & Mentorship

Our Alumni Association serves as a dynamic networking hub, creating valuable professional connections, and providing opportunities for both profressional and personal growth.

Curated Resources

Gain access to member repositories, career databases, our LinkedIn group, regular newsletters, and more.

Preserving Tradition

Playing a pivotal role in preserving the tradition and legacy of the sorority, allowing members to stay connected to the roots of their sisterhood.

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We're eager to welcome you to our network of exceptional women.

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